On The Cutting Edge

At Frontier Golf, we are always looking to move forward, and firmly believe technology is what gets you there. We are always looking to improve and find the best and most efficient golf course construction practices by using the latest technologies. Frontier Golf was one of the first to use laser-guided machines for grading and continue to do so with only the best and most up to date laser equipment.

We also pioneered the use of the latest state of the art Topcon GR3 GPS RTK survey system for use on golf course construction sites.

The Olimpic club – Lake Course

The Olympic Club – Lake Course

Accuracy And Precision

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have become a major tool in highway and road construction because of the increased efficiency in surveying and grade management. GPS has become a part of golf course construction with the help of Frontier Golf. As pioneers of GPS technology in the golf construction and renovation industry, we have had continued success using the tool for surveying sites, collecting as-built data, and mapping green surfaces.

Using GPS on a greens reconstruction project, where the original topography of the greens is to be preserved, gives us a distinct advantage over traditional surveying methods. We can record more detailed and more accurate information to create precise contour maps for each putting surface. There is no limit to the amount of information we can record, and it is not uncommon to collect over 5,000 points on any given putting surface.


The Millimeter GPS+ system combines the advantages of laser with that of the GR3 GPS into one versatile and easy-to-use system. With the millimeter system, Frontier Golf can operate at amazing vertical tolerances of 1mm. By using the millimeter system, we can replace existing push-up greens with USGA spec greens to the same contours more accurately than any other golf course builder using GPS alone.

Guiding And Gliding

Frontier Golf proudly employs the latest advances in laser grading technology. Led by our fully automatic Caterpillar D4 Laser-guided dozer, we can achieve exacting standards in range and conventional tee construction, previously unattainable, but now made possible by this technology.

The Olimpic club – Lake Course

The Olympic club – Lake Course